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Mix Margaret Dylan Jones

W.A. composer, pianist, teacher, article writer

About TMJ Health and Moshe Feldenkrais' method

About F.M. Alexander's technique

I've made this page as a resource for my singing students.

: A system designed to promote bodily and mental efficiency and well-being by conscious analysis of neuromuscular activity via exercises which improve flexibility and coordination and increase ease and range of motion. :
The Method is named for its founder, the late Russian-born physicist, engineer, judo teacher, and inventor, Moshe Feldenkrais, Ph.D. Feldenkrais wrote five books describing his revolutionary neurosomatic training methods...

For singers it's great when applied to improving the functioning of the jaw, tongue and lips.

Mark Reese Audios: TMJ Health - Sensory Motor Exercises For Mouth & Jaw Health

This mp3 audio series featuring the voice of Chuck Moshantz, called TMJ Health and based on Feldenkrais, is an excellent remedy for a tense jaw, tongue, mouth or throat. TMJ means temporomandibular joint, which is the jaw joint on each side of the head.

By following the instructions on the recording, perhaps a few times a week for a few weeks, you will experience a major improvement in your jaw joint and a major reduction in unnecessary tension. This can make dramatic improvements in your singing and speaking voice.

You can purchase the full set of TMJ Health at
The authors are given as Mark Reese and David Zemach Bersin. The current price is $70 to $75 US dollars (I don't get a commission from this one). Available as CD or mp3 download. In Sept 2015 I saw the original cassette tape set on eBay priced about $400 USD ($560 AUD). (Just wish my old set was in mint condition!)

I've included the link above because over the last decade or two it's been very difficult to find this item simply by Googling it.

This set of recordings applies Feldenkrais' method to the TMJ, but the method can be appli
ed to all parts of the body under the instruction of a trained practitioner, either  one-to-one or in classes.


Australian Felednkrais Guild Inc.
Secretary Jenny Price 0448 446 253 or 1800 001 550
See wa_atm_fi_practitioner_list_april_2015.pdf, from (North America)

Feldenkrais, Moshe Feldenkrais – The Feldenkrais Institute, New York:

International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF):

Another great resource for fixing unwanted tensions and teaching your brain how to use your body much better is the technique devised by F.M. Alexander. I thoroughly recommend both approaches, Feldenkrais and Alexander, to all singers and musicians. Anybody, really, will find them helpful and therapeutic.

ALEXANDER: A system designed to promote well-being by retraining one's awareness and habits of posture to ensure minimum effort and strain. [Used by many musicians, including singers.]

Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT)
Phone 1300 788 540,,
The Complete Guide to the technique:


Intelligent Body Solutions, The Use Factor (Perth, Australia):  Richard Beavitt (STAT AUSTAT) & Annie Robinson (STAT AUSTAT) ... [are] teaching in Perth... [their] initial interest in the Technique arose out of problems that they were having as musicians. Although they both now teach the Technique to individuals from a broad cross-section of the community they retain a particular interest in working with musicians and other performing artists. They both taught the Alexander Technique as a course subject at WAAPA@ECU in Perth for 8 years and their own training as teachers of the Technique had a particular emphasis on its application to the practice of making music.

The Insiders' Guide: (Washington)

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Mix Margaret Dylan Jones, MusB (UWA), DipEd, LTCL, ATCL, AMusTCL, AMusA. Pianist, accompanist, composer.

Teacher of piano, singing, theory, in the Perth area, Western Australia. Associate Composer, AMC. WWC Check. Using the honorific personal title Mx (or Mix, an abbreviation for Mixture) since 2002 or earlier.


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