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Mx or Mix usage from 2002 onwards

Document scans from 2002 onwards
Listed in Appendix Two of the major article
About Mx, with Miss, Mrs, Mr, Ms, and the singular they

I began using the honorific title Mx (pronounced, and spelt in full, as Mix) after hearing that a person was using it in Victoria who was both transgender and intersex (I wish I could recall their name or who told me about them). I thought "What a great idea, as an androgyne this suits me perfectly." Since then most of my bills have come addressed to Mx Margaret Dylan Jones.

See my major 20,000 word article above, or an earlier blog for extensive information and discussion about Mx, including its inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary in early 2015.

Here are scans of some of the many documents I have kept which show Mx used as a title for myself.

These early records are letters from my medical specialist to my GP, from one of my sheet music publishers, a phone bill, an electricity bill, BankCard, AMEX, Medicare, the tax office and others. Some are shown and discussed in my YouTube video New Mx title now in OED at

20020926 MX JONES ATO tax return PHOTOCOPY of sent form
2002 September 26, MX JONES, ATO tax return sent form (above)

20021207 MX MARGARET JONES Welborn to Dr Rogers

2002 December 7, RE: MX MARGARET JONES, and Cc Mx Margaret Jones. Patient copy of a letter from my medical specialist to my GP.

20030124 Mx Margaret, Allans music publishing copyright

2003 January 24, Mx Margaret Jones, letter from Allans Music (then the largest Australian sheet music publisher), about copyright and royalties for a piano composition of mine going in the AMEB exam syllabus (Prayer of the Swinging Mantis; it's still in the syllabus).

20030221 MX MD JONES Telstra phone bill

2003 February 21, MX MD JONES, Telstra telephone bill.

20030318 MX M D JONES Western Power electricity account

2003 March 18, MX M D JONES, Western Power electricity bill.

20030410 MX MARGARET CBA Bankcard statement

2003 April, MX MARGARET D JONES, CBA bankcard statement.

20050108 MX MARGARET ATO tax statement

2004 July, Mx Margaret D Jones, AMEX letter about changes to credit card conditions.

2004 July: millions of Australians watched ABC television's popular George Negus Tonight (GNT) programme broadcasting a seven-minute feature on me, titled 'Mx Jones.' They consistently called me "Mix.' The transcript is still online at

20041206 MX M JONES, Medicare statement of benefit Dr Taylor

2004 December 6, MX M JONES, Medicare Statement of Benefit.

20050108 MX MARGARET ATO tax statement

2005 January 8, MX MARGARET D JONES, ATO (tax office) statement.

See the main article (20,000 words, about 50 pages):

About Mx, with Miss, Mrs, Mr, Ms, and the singular they

See my earlier blog post on this subject: Androgyne using the new Mx title since 2002, now in OED, which has more links in addition to those here and more detail about the OED entry

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