Margaret Jones at Hills Choir concert June 2014

Mix Margaret Dylan Jones

W.A. composer, pianist, teacher, article writer

Classical Piano


Wedding Ceremonies

Are you looking for a classical pianist for a wedding, renewal of wedding vows, a funeral or another function? I can play for you and your guests at your ceremony or service.

The piano can be yours, mine or the church's. If necessary I can bring a great sounding digital piano with a deep-cycle battery.

For wedding ceremonies I suggest background classical music, but probably not slow pieces apart from the ceremony itself (in any case
the ceremony is sometimes done without music). Most likely you'll want more lively music before and after the ceremony.

Do you have a friend who will sing, and do they need a professional accompanist? We'll need a rehearsal or two.

Margaret Jones at Hills Choir concert June 2014

Phone me for a chat on  0414  374  701, or email me via this form.

I can play for your guests while they are assembling before the ceremony, during parts of the c
eremony, while you are signing the book, and afterwards. Let me know what parts of your event you want me to play for.

Wedding Music Repertoire
Original piano music

Rainbows Over Hovea, a joyous original with many ecstatic moments, completed in 2017. See my live performance of this piece at Rainbows Over Hovea, excerpts June 2017.

Puck at Parkerville (a lively and bubbly original completed in 2016, depicting Puck and other mischievous characters from Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream). [recording sample coming soon]

I have many pieces from the standard classical repertoire which are often played at weddings, a huge number of other pieces I've played for cafés and parties as background music, and more developed pieces I've played in recitals.

See my Classical Piano Wedding Ceremonies PLAYLIST.

My solo recital repertoire and performances are listed at

Mx Margaret D. Jones
Associate Composer, Australian Music Centre.
WWC Check.

Pianist, accompanist, composer and teacher in the
eastern hills area of Perth, Western Australia.

I'm an androgyne, and have been using the non-binary transgender/enby honorific title Mx (pronounced 'mix') since 2002. My pronouns are 'she,' or the singular 'they.'

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My mobile phone is  0414  374  701.


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