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Mix Margaret Dylan Jones

W.A. composer, pianist, teacher, article writer

Specialist in solving singing problems

for a wide range of musical styles

Margaret In the Media & Groups

Radio, Cinema, Television, Newspapers, Public Speaking, Groups

Date format: 20150926 means year 2015, September 26.


20041004 96fm radio: The Naked Truth. Perth, 9pm, ca. 55 minutes. A live-to-air programme on sexuality, love and relationships, with phone-in calls. Margaret was a guest of co-hosts 'Macca' and Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, coordinator of sexology programmes at Curtin University of Technology (see www.sexology.health.curtin.edu.au and www.96fm.com.au).

20040720 ABC Radio 6WF 720 AM. Live-to-air breakfast radio programme, Mx Margaret interviewed by Eoin Cameron. 9 minute interview to publicise Margaret's television appearance that night on the George Negus Tonight show (see below). Read the transcription of the Cameron inteview.

20040416 Radio Adelaide: The Wire. MDJ was interviewed over the phone by Amelia McFarlane as a representative of TransWest: the Transgender Association of Western Australia Inc., about the Family Court of Australia decision by Justice Nicholson, concerning Alex, a young trans person. Broadcast in many Australian states.  RadioAdelaidelow.mp3 (low quality 916 kb file) or RadioAdelaidehigh.mp3 (high quality 7000 kb file). (Files used with permission of the station Radio Adelaide, an Educational and community radio station owned and operated by the University of Adelaide).

20031000 ABC Radio 6WF 720 AM. Broadcast ca. October 2003, Perth. A pre-recorded radio interview of Carol Peers and Mx Margaret Jones by Monty Sangar (20 min edited down to 5 - 6 min). Monty asked us about Carol's "Myth Conceptions," the first professionally-run workshop for transgenders and transsexuals ever conducted in Western Australia. The workshop was presented by TransWest in conjunction with FTM Australia in September 2003.

20020905 ABC Radio National: Life Matters. Unseen Genders--Is there only male or female?
Julie McCrossin interviewed Margaret Jones and Tarquam McKenna live on air. Margaret said "I'm an androgyne, I'm not a man or a woman, except when I am." Summary: We live in a world of boy, girl, man, woman. It is quite simply one or the other, but what if you are physically or pschologically both? Is it time for us to look at our binary language to be more inclusive?
Guests on this program: Tarquam McKenna, Co-Director of The International Foundation for Androgynous Studies (IFAS), and Margaret Dylan Jones, Androgyne.
These old links are down, I'm trying to get new ones:
www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/lm/stories/s667155.htm (intro) and www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/lm/audio/lifemats_05092002.ram (audio).

Margaret in Radio National interview, Sept 2002
Margaret in September 2002 on Radio National's Life Matters


90 minute independent documentary by Tempest Productions, first publically screened in three locations for the Revelation Perth International Film Festival (2015). Features extensive interviews with Margaret:
Parkerville Amphitheatre: Sets, Bugs & Rock n Roll

20150612 Echo News: Sets, bugs, rock ‘n’ roll doco screens. See MDJ's comments at the very bottom of that page.

20141203 Echo News: Sets, bugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Whole front page with several photos of the amphitheatre.

20040720 George Negus Tonight (GNT), ABC Television. Tuesday 20 July 2004, 6.30 - 7pm, broadcast nationally. A seven-minute pre-recorded profile with interviews of Mx Margaret discussing life as an androgyne. Featured her playing a piano solo she composed at the age of 16. (Music published by Hovea Music Press.) To listen to the music for free, watch a video of Margaret playing it or buy the sheet music see Androgyne Prophecy. On the ABC's website you can read a transcription of Margaret's part of the television show.

This is possibly the first time Margaret used the title of Mx or Mix in the media. She was an early adopter in 2002 of the honorific or personal title Mx or Mix (an abbreviation of mixture, pronounced 'mix'), which was added to the Oxford Dictionary online version in 2015. See her blog for more about Mx.


20151003 Echo News (Midland) page eight story with photograph: Margaret’s Mx gender in the dictionary. It reads "HILLS musician Margaret Jones is welcoming Oxford Dictionary’s inclusion of the gender neutral prefix Mx, which has seen the term used by people of mixed gender propelled from the underground into the mainstream lexicon.
Mx Jones has used the title Mix, short for mixture, since 2002... (
By Sarah Brookes, 419 words.)

Echo News (Midland) page two story: Roger Smalley 1943 – 2015. Extensive quotes from MDJ about Roger, who was her composition mentor at UWA. See Margaret's comments on the Echo website at the bottom of that page, and more about Roger on Margaret's blog.

20141203 Echo News (Midland) Sets, bugs and rock ‘n’ roll
The story took the whole of the front page with quotes from MDJ and several photos about the documentary on the Parkerville Amphitheatre (see CINEMA & TELEVISION above).

20091017 Pilbara Echo newspaper (Karratha)
Busker delights. Story about MDJ busking in the town of Wickham while her taxi car was off the road, with a photo.

Post Newspapers (eg Subiaco Post, Claremont Post).
Many articles and photos since 1989, concerning choirs or Trans* issues.
The latest Post story, 31 July 2004, is headlined "Locals in tune with my gender" and concerns being an androgyne, Margaret's music teaching, and TransWest. On the front page it features a wonderful colour photograph of Margaret in front of her burr-walnut 1903 Thurmer piano, with candles, accompanied by a great article which spills over to page 57.

See SubiPOST20040731FrontPhotoA 72.jpg and 
SubiPOST20040731FrontPhotoB 1 72.jpg

These old links no longer work: www.postnewspapers.com.au/20040731/2004-07-31.pdf www.postnewspapers.com.au/20040731/2004-07-31-front.pdf www.postnewspapers.com.au/20040731/2004-07-31-front.jpg

Community Newspapers group, September 2003 (three of their papers, being the Guardian Express, Western Suburbs Weekly & Eastern Suburbs Reporter): photographs of, and articles about Carol Peers and Mx Margaret publicising the first professionally-run workshop for TG & TS persons in WA, called "Myth Conceptions," run by Carol on behalf of TransWest.

Australian National Choral Association (ANCA) Journal,
2002. Article about Margaret as an androgyne and the second choir she founded, called Girls, Guys & Others: the GGO Quire.

Fremantle Herald. Interviewed for an article about TG issues, June 2001.

Letters to the Editor

The West Australian, Wednesday, August 4, 2004:

"The State Government must not allow the destruction of any part of the tall tuart forest. The plan to sand mine a significant section of this unique, precious and now very small ecosystem for the sake of keeping a processing plant going for just three years is madness.

My late father, John Joseph Jones, wrote:

Tuart Forest, Ludlow.
Grey is the bark of the tuart trees,
Grey is the soil where they stand,
Grey is the day if we mine them away
For their joy will be lost to the land.
Margaret Dylan Jones, Nedlands."

[See MDJ's musical setting of this poem in ...where eucalypts green-tip the sky.]


Poetry readings

The Weight of the Baby (by Andrew Lansdown)

Read to a gathering at a reception at Government House, Perth, for the launch of the Children's Week poster, under the auspicies of Meerilinga Young Children's Foundation, 05 August 1998.

Tuart Forest, Ludlow (John Joseph Jones) and Forest Giant (Jack Davis)

Read on the steps of Parliament House, Perth, to a protest rally to defend the tall tuart forest in Ludlow against sand mining, 28 July 2004.

Involvement in Advocacy Groups

TransWest: the Transgender Association of Western Australia (Inc.). Joined ca. 1998 when the group was called The Gender Dysphoria Foundation of Western Australia (Inc.) (GDFWA). Margaret was Community Development Officer for several years, and then Convenor July 2003 to August 2004. www.geocities.com/transwest_wa/ and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/transwest

Equal Opportunity Commission of WA, Gender Identity Working Party (voluntary position, one of several community representatives). After six months of regular meetings at the commission in 2001 we produced a report for the WA Attorney-General recommending changes to the WA EO Act. He never did anything with it.

B-Legits, a committee of the State School Teachers' Union of WA (SSTUWA). Active member in 2002.

Gay and Lesbian Equality WA (GALE). Ordinary member.

The International Foundation for Androgynous Studies (IFAS). Margaret joined the executive committee in mid-2000 and became Treasurer two years later. She stepped down from the committee in June 2003. IFAS has since disbanded. See the IFAS definitions of androgyne and intersex from 2002.

The Wilderness Society (WA branch) (TWS). Margaret joined around 1994 and was an active committee member for a couple of years. Her work was principally concerned with saving old growth forests in the south-west of WA. See her choral composition ...where eucalypts green-tip the sky.

Involvement in Professional Groups

Fellowship of Australian Composers (FAC)

Australian Music Centre (AMC, Sydney): recognised as an Associate Composer

Music Arrangers' Guild of Australia (MAGA) (WA & NSW Branches). Registered initially as an arranger and hand-copyist, and later also as a computer copyist.

Musicians' Union of Australia (MUA)

Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS, formerly ANZATS). At one point was the Secretary.

Australian National Choral Association (ANCA, formerly Australian Choral Conductors' Association, ACCA). One of the first few WA members.

State School Teachers' Union of WA (SSTUWA). Member in 1995 while employed as Teacher-in-Charge, Music, at Swanbourne Senior High School (which no longer exists).

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